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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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radius, moms post new fliers, emphasizing sierra is in danger, the public's attention on a kidnapping. >> maybe there's someone behaving differently, obsessed with the story or changing their appearance, cleaning their car exceptionally thoroughly, something like that. >> reporter: optimism dimmed when investigators reported today its search of water ways did not turn up any clues. then an uplifting moment for everyone. >> we have collected and we're giving to klaaskids to find sierra $12,000. >> nothing like this has happened to us in any previous search. this thing is crazy. the response is absolutely extraordinary on every level. >> reporter: klaas says the big turn out and donations could help lengthen the search for
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sierra. >> a contentious school board meeting ended with a rest last night, they picked up this afternoon. live in oakland with what's drawing so much heated argument. >> the meeting wrapped up a few hours ago here at district headquarters. we spoke to school supporters who said they're willing to do anything from leasing their buildings to other districts and closing schools, that includes getting arrested. one refused to leave after oakland unified school members left last night. >> they claimed i was trespassing for being at the meeting and saying we want the school board to come back and stop the school closures. >> reporter: board members resumed last night's meeting this afternoon at 1:00. cabner was back at it having just gotten out of jail 5 hours before. >> we're back to say you should not be selling off the district
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properties. >> reporter: this lake view elementary kidnergartner had the same idea. >> we don't want our schools closing. that's very, very bad. >> reporter: on top of 5 school closures, opponents fought to stop a 3-year school building lease to the emeryville district. >> it's been the same everywhere. highly racially and socially economically stratified and segregated public education system. >> reporter: before the meeting, board member dobbins told us they can't reverse the path they've chosen. >> we've lost 20,000 students the last 10 years. financially, we can't afford it. >> reporter: the treasure of the oakland association says
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they're looking at other means. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. jade hernandez, ktvu news. >> please say he walked in to the bank about 5 p.m., handed the teller a note, demanding money, then ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. a warning to parents about a suspicious man who lunged toward a girl this morning. the girl walked back to her classroom from the restroom. what you see here is a sketch of that man. police are asking members of the community to keep an eye out for this person and for parents to talk to children about what to do if strangers approach them. >> workers in china who assemble apple ipads and ipods
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often work far more hours than allowed by law. the fair association labor found at fox con often put in more than 60 hours a week. that's in violation of chinese law. han hai has agreed to reduce the work time to 49 hours. most workers want to work the longer hours. so the company will raise salaries to compensate workers. >> there's more evidence the job market is picking upstream. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level in four years. the labor department reports applications for weekly unemployment benefits fell from 5,000 to 3059. analysts say when the jobless claims drop consistently below the 375,000 level, it's strong enough.
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>> u.s. stocks. the job market picture improves. the number of nose filing for unemployment benefits was higher this week than one economist predicted. the dow jones snapped a 2-day losing points, to finish the day at 13,145. nasdaq lost 9 points. >> the house approved a 3-month plan earlier today. the senate followed with a voice vote a few hours later. they now need president obama's signature by saturday. how to resolve a funding shortfall caused by a decline in gas tax revenue. it's due to americans diving less. >> people toured a nebraska
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beef plant today to address concerns about the so-called pink slime. it's been the focus of food safety concerns. operations at three plants have been shut down as a result. today the governor of texas, kansas, and iowa joined state leaders to watch how the filler is made. they spoke out against reports that call in to question its safety. >> that's what this is. it's unmerited, unwarranted, and it's a food scare. you're going to drive up the price of lean ground beef. >> the product meets federal food safety standards. passengers aboard a san francisco united airlines flight learned distressing news after they landed. someone try said to bring explosives on the plane. >> ken, we were able to bring up this plenty. the suspect had more than fireworks on his possession. he had enough items
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to have possibly assembled a bomb. we were here ready to greet it. the passengers onboard had quite the story to tell. >> reporter: united flight to san francisco. passengers saying they're happy to be on the ground. >> 20 text messages, apparently someone tried to get explosives on the plane. >> reporter: investigators say 29-year-old joseph piglo was headed to san francisco on the united flight but was stopped by tsa when something unusual was spotted in his carry-on backpack. >> it was quickly determined that there was a dangerous device inside the backpack. >> reporter: according to the complaint inside the backpack, a cigarette lighter, two home made m 80s, a plastic bottle wrapped
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in electrical tape and a test tube containing a powdery substance that contained a wick. >> he said he experiments with items and he forgot they were in his luggage. >> the captain said we were grounded for security reasons and tsa was going to be checking baggage. >> reporter: passengers said they were given the green light to fly after a 20-minute delay. >> the hair kind of stands up on your neck. you think wow, glad to be here. a little surreal, really. >> reporter: police say piglo, a pennsylvania resident said he was visiting family here in the bay area. >> the jetblue copilot who made
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an emergency landing doesn't think he's a hero. he took over the flight for a safe landing in texas. his mother-in-law says she's not surprised he acted with a cool head, but she said he also doesn't want to be known as a hero. he hasn't been able to come home yet because he's being interviewed by public authorities. >> we've learned that a captain has died when his fighters had crashed in southwest asia. 31-year-old captain francis hemlay. he was assigned to the bold tigers and was part of the operation enduring freedom mission. he was at a base in did idaho. the crash of his plane is under investigation. >> over my right hand shoulder as you can see, gop candidates
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shaking hands here. >> back here in 10 minutes, we've got sprinkles back in the bay area forecast. i'll show you when you can expect the next round of rain. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> republican presidential candidate rick santorum is in the bay area right now holding a rally in fairfield and raising campaign cash. ken is at the jelly belly factory and tells us why that location is significant. >> if you look over to my right, you'll see the candidate rick santorum shaking hands with supporters. he wrapped up his speech 15 minutes ago. jelly belly may seem like an unusual place, but he says he's a supporter of all the candidates and santorum delivered his speech and it was a very welcoming crowd. >> reporter: the choice of
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venue, the jelly belly factory, the company that had close tied to ronald reagan, the president who coveted the candy. >> it's great to be in the conservative heart land of northern california. >> reporter: he's here in california like the other candidates have been to raise cash. so far he's far behind. according to the sent center for responsive politics, as of february, mitt romney has raised $7.5 million in california. rick santorum, just $458,000, 7% of his total fundraising. both candidates are dwarfed by president obama who's earned a 5th of his national total. while all the candidates used california as an atm.
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if the primary fight is still going on and california voters have a choice, based on current polls, that's also bad news for santorum. some have argued that dragging out the fight among republicans for the candidate is a bad thing, rick santorum has said that it actually will work to the parties advantage. that's his argument, saying the longer this goes on, the less time democrats will have time to spend their sizable war chest. rick santorum will go to a fundraiser in alamo. that is tonight right after the speech and after he leaves fairfield. >> here in california there are 172 delegates at stake. a candidate must win 1144 to win a
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delegation. >> mitt romney received a big endorsement today from former president george hw bush. president and mrs. bush also said there's a song that's relevant to the race. >> i do think it's time for the party to get behind governor romney. i think it's time for the people to get behind this good man. >> romney noted that he and his parents are long time friends of the bush family and the endorsement means a good deal to him personally. our coverage continues on our website, and click on the election tab to watch the entire rick santorum speech. >> roger hernandez was arrested in suspicion for drunk driving. he was in the bay area visiting
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a friend and had had a couple of drinks with dinner and decided to spend the night at a hotel. he was turning in the hotel parking area when conquered police pulled him over for failing to use his turn signal. there's no proof he was over the legal limit and is still awaiting results. >> prices at the pump may hit a peak later this spring. oil prices may drop significantly in 2013 but won't fall as low as last year's prices. >> while supply is up in the united states and demand is down in the united states as has been discussed in the hearing, global demand has been rising. >> he also testified it's unlikely gas prices will top $5 a gallon this summer. >> president obama's plea to
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grass to end billions of dollars in tax subsidies to oil companies was rebuffed this day. the 51-47 vote came after the president made a pitch for the bill this morning saying taxpayers should stop subsidizing an industry that's making record profits. >> it's like hitting the american people twice. you're already paying a premium at the pump right now. >> republicans argue higher taxes for the oil industry would cost jobs and lead to higher gas prices. >> firefighters have made progress on a deadly fire in colorado. some rez dntss have been allowed back in to the burn area to salvage what they have from the area. there was an evacuation of 900 homes. two people died and another still missing. 900 homes evacuated, but some people never received the warning to get out. >> california beach-goers are
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used to the occasional fog, but now new research has uncovered a toxic site to the fog. fog rolling in over the city of san rafael. the scientists are quick to point out that mercury occurs in very low levels of fog and it's not dangerous to breathe. they say over time significant amounts of mercury could be deposited over the coastline in summer months. >> let's see what's going on with the weather situation. >> back to winter. we had clouds today , sprinkles in the north bay. as we head to the weekend, wouldn't you know it, scattered showers back in to the bay area forecast. as we move forward, i think we all get wet. we go outside to live storm tracker too. the rain is
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falling. up toward lake county, this area of showers, a little linger up there over the next 36 hours. areas north, the next couple days, at least today and tomorrow will see a good shot. light sprinkles. the rest of the rain starts to move down as we head in to saturday. next system is kind of a mild one. snow levels start off high and your daytime or overnight lows start off mild. 55 in san francisco. that was a daytime high a couple days ago. 53 in hayward. it's kind of low. you'll notice it tomorrow , as you head off to school or work, not as cold. this would be a really productive rain pattern for central california or for us if it shifted a few degrees south. by the time it shifts, a lot of rain gets sifted out. snow levels are high but then
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they start to drop down from 8,000 feet on friday to saturday, when the cold front passes through. we'll have before the cold front, very high snow levels. that means rain driving up friday night. for us, by saturday, it's raining for most of us. i'm going to take you through tomorrow. you watch the clouds increase. here we are right now. clouds increasing tomorrow. a little rain to the north. this is the problem we're having now. it's 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. drizzle, sprinkles, light sprinkles. right there by point richmond, a little bit of green. so there's a chance. but you see the line from the south. looks like nothing going on below that. that's your friday morning commute. most of us are dry. some of us are going to have light sprinkles, santa rosa toward hillsburg. looks like marin is going to get a dose here, more up in santa rosa and below my hand, that kind of
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deal. as i come back, i'll roll this through saturday. i'll have all the specifics and the 5-day forecast for you. >> thank you, bill. california law makers are taking a stand in the trayvon martin case today. why this newly released surveillance video of the accused shooter is getting extra scrutiny. >> lindsay lohan thanks her judge. the legal hurdle she cleared today. '''
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>> there are new developments tonight in the case of trayvon martin. authorities released surveillance video of the gunman taking from the florida police station. zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense, telling police he purchase said him in the nose and slammed him to the sidewalk. the video shows zimmerman with no obvious signs of injury. >> the hoodie movement reached sacramento today. lawmakers wore sweatshirts in a show of solidarity. >> latinos in the state who have also suffered numerous amounts of hate crimes because of the color of our skin or what we look like are here to say that enough is enough. >> today members of the black
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latino and asian pacific islander caucuses wore hooded sweatshirts. they were protesting the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin in florida one month ago. many are angry that the man who shot and killed the teen has not been charge would a crime. >> this person killed another person that was unarmed and he followed him down the street. all of the basic information is there. we call on that this person be charged. >> one senator with the legislative black caucus spoke about the police surveillance video we just showed you. on this take, zimmerman is shown walking with police after being detained. >> if you had been arrested under similar circumstances, it would not be the cordial experience you saw mr. zimmerman having. there were clearly no bruises and it did not appear he required medical attention.
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>> the hoodie protest follows similar actions across the country, including the floor of the u.s. house of representatives. >> a city in los angeles that was almost disincorporated because of corruption scandals is now being investigated for possible voter fraud. an investigator is looking in to complaints about a surge of registered voters. at one small home there are 9 registered voters with 6 different last names. the complaint comes a week before the first election. just a few fraudulent voters could change an election. actress lindsey lohan won her freedom today after a judge ended her probation. >> you know what you need to do. you need to live your life in a more mature way, stop the night clubbing and focus on your work. >> lohan smiled when the drug told her she would be on her own
5:27 pm
self imposed leash. lohan no longer must appear in court or report to a probation officer. the actress has performed community service and was jailed three times. today she appeared relieve today have the 5-year ordeal behind her. >> i just want to say thank you, your honor, for being fair, and it's really opened a lot of doors for me so i really appreciate it. >> lohan remains on informal probation for taking a necklace without permission. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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>> the man accused of killing five people in san francisco is
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back in cort again today for the second day in a row. once again, there was another delay in the case as attorneys haggled over who will represent ben ty luke when the murder case goes to trial. one of the issues involved is the public defender's office and if it's appropriate for the office to assign an attorney to represent luc. >> ken, the memorial to the 5 people slain inside this house continues to grow. for the second day, 35-year-old luc was led in to superior court in handcuffs. luc's arraign ment was delayed again today as attorneys argued over potential conflict of interest because the office once represented luc's
5:31 pm
brother. >> there's absolutely no reason why our office should not be permitted to represent him. >> there's clearly a conflict here between the representation that they have with brian luc and potentially representing ben luc. >> i'm not going to appoint the public defender in this case. the fact that the two defendants we've been talking about are brothers, mr. brian luc may well be called as a witness. >> reporter: they will question ben ty luc. >> i think he understands what's going on. he's obviously concerned with the having the
5:32 pm
best representation he can. i think if i'm his attorney he'll get that. >> ben ty luc is scheduled to be arraign april 5th. he'll go to appeals court next week. david stevenson,ktvu news. >> a sheriff is spending time in venezuela and there are doubts about the return. she's scheduled to return to san francisco in a month. a close friend says she's not so sure lopez will come back. in venezuela, she's said to be getting much needed emotional support. >> three shootings after a night of violence in oakland. three men were shot at two separate locations.
5:33 pm
two survived but one victim died. fatal shooting happened this morning. one died at the scene. his family identified him at 36-year-old tyrone braswell, a father of 4. police do not believe the three incidents are related. >> a pedestrian hiten--hit by a cyclist this morning has severe injuries. you've heard many people telling you they're really not surprised? >> that's right. i first told you about this just after 8:15 this morning on the morning traffic report. i wanted to show you castro street here. castro street is at the bottom of a hill right here. and cyclists can get going pretty fast at the bottom of the hill, come right through market. police say that may have played
5:34 pm
a role in today's frightening crash. >> reporter: just after 8 a.m., san francisco police say a 72-year-old man was in this crosswalk before he was hit by a cyclist. witnesses tell police the cyclist was going fast and may have run the red light. >> there has been no determination made as to who has the right-of-way during the incident. >> reporter: bicyclists can be cited for not obeying the rules of road. a man lives nearby and says she's seen bicyclists coming down too fast. >> they've come very close to hitting people. a few years ago, i was hit and hurt severely. >> reporter: people say most
5:35 pm
cyclists are just trying to share the road and commute like everyone else. this is the commute time here. it's pretty busy in the morning and right now in the evening. san francisco police say you should follow the rules of the road, whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. >> big box retailer best buy announced today it's closing 50 of its stores. 400 employees will be losing their jobs. the company plans to open 100 smaller more profitable best buy mobile stores across the u.s. the goal is to trim $800 million. shares dropped almost 7%. the company has struggled to compete against online retailers such as amazon.
5:36 pm
>> google is known for its useful environment. a 14-year-old educator captured the interest of other employees. a girl gave a talk this morning about internet policy and its effect of internet and family. she's pub lished three books and has taught at more than 500 schools and classrooms worldwide. >> a class project turns in to political action. san jose state students were on demand today. >> the title berkeley and san francisco share when it comes to healthy habits.
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>> new research suggests women in california have made major strides in recent years but still trail men in key areas. the analysis by mount st. mary's college say woman are earning college degrees at a higher rate than men but few are getting majors in computer related fields. >> students at san jose state university today took a big step toward raising the minimum wage. the students gathered at the
5:40 pm
statute of olympic athletes tommy smith and john carlos. in 1968, the two received their medals shoeless to represent black poverty. it would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, $2 higher than the state minimum wage. this effort started as a class project. >> that's what my teacher was always advocating. go out there and do what you learn in your education and make a difference. >> the silicon valley chamber of commerce says many businesses oppose the measure. >> san francisco comes in fourth for the best city of walking. at the top of the list? cambridge, massachusetts. it was followed by new york city
5:41 pm
and jersey city. >> a new study says depression is common among people who have survived a stroke. researchers from duke university medical center found depression affected 18% of stroke patients three months after hospitalization. it also affected 14% of patients who survived what's called a transient escemic attack, also known as a mini stroke. many were not treated with antidepressant therapy. the studies highlight the importance of depression screening among stroke survivors. new research shows a link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. light drinking increases the disease by 4%. light drinking is defined at one drink or less a day. there's an increased relative risk compare
5:42 pm
would not drinking at all. >> $540 million. that's what all these people are lined up for. their chances to win the largest lottery jackpot in history. >> back here in 10 minutes. live storm tracker show s some green on it. there's rain ahead your way this weekend. in... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing.
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so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> what would you do with half a billion dollars? that's what
5:45 pm
people are dreaming about as they line up to buy mega millions lottery tickets. paul? >> ken, let me show you. take a look inside this store. the line is wrap ped all the way around the store as you can see inside here. we can come out here, the line keeps continuing around here. now on tuesday when we're out here, the line ended right here. look at this. take a look for yourself. the line is continue ingly all the way around at the other end of the store. people are waiting more than 40 minutes in line to be the next multimillionaire. $540 million sounds like a lot. but is it really? that money could only pay for half of the new proposed 49ers stadium in santa clara. more than 888,000 shares of apple stock. before you spend that money, take a deep breath. >> nothing needs to be done immediately. hang back, think about it. let it all settle in. then worry about what
5:46 pm
you're going to do with the money. >> financial experts say it's best to pay off your debt first and put money aside for income taxes you'll occur. now you're part of the 1%. we heard what the financial expert had to say. if this is the winning lottery ticket, i'm sure there's a lot of people who would like to go out and splurge. you could own the golden state warriors. last year the new owner paid $450 million. you could pay for a hundred students to get a 4-year degree at stanford. all 12 ferarris in this bay area dealership, and still have more than $25 million left over. >> charity, new house, new cars. >> i guess go to walt disney first, huh? >> pay off my bills. pay off my home . >> that woman was 96 years old..
5:47 pm
this line is a little long but i jumped in earlier and got my tickets. i have my fingers crossed. people are waiting in line for 40 minutes. imagine what the line will be like tomorrow. >> those are the longest lines we've shown you all week. the lines are getting long everywhere for a chance at this friday's big jackpot. here's what it looked like at the california/nevada border. nevada residents are coming in to california for their tickets. residents say sales are great. >> how have sales been? >> awesome. >> chance at $500 million? you want to by --buy a ticket >> the odds of winning are about 176 million to 1. >> the alameda city council is set to hear from two firms trying to buy a golf course. the complex is located on
5:48 pm
alameda's bay farm island. the city is considering proposals from green way golf and the camper sports, currently the interim manager. the city council will hear proposals from both firms at the meeting on tuesday. >> the tiffany lamps that were once at the pub in san francisco are headed to christy's auction house in new york. we have a photo of one of the two famous lamps. there were 6 lamps in all. the lamps have gone from the establishment but a few motorcycles are now hanging from the ceiling. the lamps are expected to be more than $2 million when they hit the auction june 14th. >> new research offer as possible explanation for the ongoing decline of the bee population. two new studies point to a common pesticide. researches suggests the
5:49 pm
pesticide reduces the number of queens. it also makes honey bees disoriented, causing them to fail to return to the hives. >> had a slight break in the rain today but according to chief meteorologist, bill martin, that's going to change. >> things will be coming back to rain. we had a little bit of rain this week. now, showers getting ready to move in, just in time for the bay area weekend. for the north bay, maybe sprinkles up there tonight and tomorrow. lake county area, they're getting showers up there. it's been really wet north of the lines. they're going to continue wet. march has been an aggressive month for rainfall. look at all the days in march we've had rainfall on the ground, more than any other month we've seen this year. santa rosa, 7 inches of rain. san jose, 2 inches of rain. it's been a good march. we're
5:50 pm
still in san jose, 36% of rainfall average. way behind. mostly cloudy tonight, few sprinkles in the north. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. rain is in the forecast for your saturday morning. the jet stream is focused north. we're right on the edge. that's enough to get us a little sprinkle in the north bay. so from, say, park north, i think you have a good chance of sprinkles. drizzle all the way down to pacifica. as we head in to saturday, the next storm gets here. this thing glides through. this trail drags through tomorrow or saturday morning from about 7 to 10. that's the heaviest rain. well get the wind as well. in the afternoons, scat tered showers. your afternoon on saturday might be doable for some things. i think the morning hour, though, the morning portion before noon, it's wet.
5:51 pm
here we are tomorrow, clouds, sprinkles around north bay for your afternoon. but pretty much everybody's dry south of san rafael. here we go in to saturday morning, early morning, saturday 8 a.m. there's the front. that's where we are with the system. forecast highs tomorrow are going to be in the low 60s. your 5-day forecast shapes out like this. the bay area weekend firmly in view, saturday looks wet. sunday is your best day in the weekend. >> thank you, bill. >> if you're parking at a meter in san francisco, you better check to see how much you need to pay. the city now has different prices for meters in different locations. curb side meters near fisherman's wharf are 25 cents an hour. others cost $4.75 an hour. >> the man who made a fortune
5:52 pm
wants to spend some of it. jeff bazos from amazon says all five giant engines have been located on the floor of the atlantic ocean, since 1969, when apollo 11 blasted off from florida. the apollo space craft head today the moon. a political action committee takes aim. why a bay area congresswoman is now in their crosshairs. vegetables at their peak.
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>> a well funded superpack is drawn up a political threat list, one that includes bay area congresswoman. the political action committee hopes to unseed a number of long time democrat lawmakers. >> the campaign for primary accountability looks at members of both parties who have become too entrenched in their position and have gone washington. >> the superpack released a list of 30 primary races, 16 in california, including 10 term congresswoman, anna esue of palo alto. the superpack is conducting a survey to see if
5:56 pm
voters are dissatisfied with her. >> they've been reaching out to people to see if it's going to take more of a last second ad campaign to make a huge difference. >> the superpack says their attack ads worked in ohio. the congresswoman failed to comment. but if the city decides to target her, they'll flood the airways with ads just before the june primary. >> rick santorum is in between bay area stops at this hour. we're live in fairfield and contra costa county as the candidate is here for voters. today, yahoo answered the call. why everyone we talked to it won't make a difference. ♪
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whoa. this is it. the avengers. is that? ♪ hey, what's this do?
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[ alarm blaring ] [ male announcer ] new baron's best from red baron. with a hand-tossed style crust, delicious just got legendary. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] new baron's best from red baron. taste the legend. who wants seconds? see marvel's "the avengers." in theatres may 4th. >> republican presidential candidate rick santorum talks to local workers. his message and the support he's receiving during his bay area visit. >> it was decision day for oakland schools. the vote that prompted a big turnout of protesters. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne.
5:59 pm
>> i'm julie haner. right now, rick stant -- santorum is making his way to a private fundraiser. he'll be talking to supporters about the race for president. the homeowners await the arrival of candidate rick santorum. even before he arrives, santorum is receiving support here in contra costa county where the tea party has an active base. ken? >> there's not as much to see here now, except for the cleanup after that rally. many candidates have been through california to raise money, but it's not quite as common for their supporters to get a chance to see the candidates in person at a rally. santorum used to opportunity to


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